Greg Knapp

Software Engineer | Full Stack Web Developer | JavaScript / React / node.js / electron

Hitchin, Herts, UK

Greg Knapp

Full Stack Web Developer


JS ES7 / Node JS / React / HTML 5
Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS)
Amazon Web Services


Professional Profile

I am a senior developer with 15+ years' commercial experience. I started out as a web designer before moving into full stack web application development.

My core technologies are Javascript (ES8), React & redux, HTML 5 & electron. I also have commercial experience with niche languages like Clojure & ClojureScript (that expanded my knowledge of functional programming, immutability, concurrency and management of application state).

I've worked in Agile teams and on waterfall projects; in start-ups to medium sized businesses, as project technical lead or system architect.

Innately curious and a life long learner, I enjoy acquiring new skills to deliver great software solutions. I like to stay current by listening to podcasts, reading online tutorials or taking MOOC courses (e.g. udemy / plural sight).

What I can do

My skills

JS ES6 / Node JS / Express

I have built responsive web applications & dashboards, RESTful web services & APIs (Express) and daemons listening / publishing to message queues (Rabbit MQ / ZeroMQ). This site is built with JavaScript ES6, React, Redux, jQuery and bootstrap.


I've 10+ years experience with PHP & MySQL / Maria DB. I've used full blown MVC frameworks (Zend) and micro-frameworks (Silex & Slim), utilising SOLID design principles and automated testing libraries (PHPUnit, Mockery).

Rabbit MQ / Distributed Systems

I've built multiple distributed systems using Rabbit MQ to provide co-ordination, decoupling and horizontal scalability. I've experience with queues, topics & exchanges and know how to tune for throughput or resiliency.

Amazon Web Services

I championed AWS adoption in previous roles. This site uses AWS Lambda for the contact form below. I'm familiar with AWS API Gateway, Route 53, KMS, SES, Console and CLI tools.

Linux (Cent OS / Ubuntu)

I have 10+ years Linux experience. I'm proficient on the command line (bash / zsh) with Ubuntu & Cent OS. I have experience installing & configuring Apache, nginx, MySQL or where needed compiling from source. I use Linux Mint on personal machines.

Git / CI / JIRA

I've used git since 2009; SVN before then. I've used the git-flow branching model on larger projects & have configured Jenkins CI for fast feedback & SonarQube for static analysis. I've used JIRA & Confluence to track progress & document features.

Curriculum Vitae

My experience and education.


Senior Software Engineer

Working with front-end technologies (JavaScript ES6, React, Redux, SASS) and node.js as a build pipeline (using webpack). I am completing development of a web-based administration tool for Cadcorp's primary product: SIS.


2017 - Present

Senior Software Engineer (R&D)

I built a variety of prototypes and production systems. I was lead developer on multiple projects, with responsibility for overall system design and implementation. I won the Eckoh employee award in December 2015.


2011 - 2017

LAMP Developer

I was a member of the UK development team (6 developers) responsible for building the companies music and video products. I received an 'All Star Performer' award in 2010.

Alexander St. Press

2007 - 2011


Computer Science (Distinction) HND

I used Delphi, Java & Linux during my course, I specialised in software engineering during my final year.

Univ. of Hertfordshire

1998 - 2000

A Levels: Mathematics, Computing & Design Technology

I taught myself Visual Basic, Delphi and HTML while at school.

The Priory School

1991 - 1998

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